It starts with a blank slate.

Canvas Watch Company uses premium components to create timepieces with a unique aesthetic. Each dial design is illustrated by a new independent designer and is produced in limited quantities, made-to-order, and assembled in the United States.

Two dial designs have been selected for production and we are working with the designers to bring their creations to life.


We have found the best suppliers from around the world for each component and we are carefully refining the manufacturing process. In order to ensure the highest quality possible, each part is currently being sampled and thoroughly tested.



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Canvas Watch Co

Are you a designer?

Shaun Reinhold


Shaun received his degree in Supply Chain Management and Entrepreneurship from Michigan State University. After gaining experience at GE Aviation, IBM, and Tesla Motors, he decided to take the leap and moved back to his home state of Michigan to start Canvas Watch Company. While prototyping the first watch cases at TechShop near Detroit, Shaun discovered that he could not find the perfect dial design to fit everyone's aesthetic taste and saw an opportunity to invite other designers to be apart of the watchmaking process. Mixing form and function to create new and unique designs, the wristwatch is now an accessible medium for anyone interested in interface and product design.

Welcome designers.

The best way for you to contribute is to download our Illustrator template and began creating dial designs of your own. When you're ready, return here to upload your design.

   Download Our Template

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